It’s often said that the horse is a mirror, but the horse is much more than that.


The horse is a sentient being, he thinks, he feels, he acts. He is capable of incredible insight and wisdom, and he can share that with us…if we choose to listen.

In our farm setting, the horses and the lifestyle that goes along with them, provide us opportunities to learn critical life and communication skills, improve non-verbal communication, focus, attention and self-esteem.  In simple terms,  the horses help us see what our emotions, our actions and behaviors look like. We can then connect our minds and our bodies to improve and make changes for the better. We can learn to be individuals of exceptional character who are able to experience true joy. 

Heart Work With Horses℠ - 

A holistic approach to a more creative and enriched life

I have spent more than 25 years in the design field, from graphic design, advertising, marketing, fine art, and in later years customer experience design for artists. You will often hear people say "I don't have a creative bone in my body!" or "I draw great stick figures!", but beauty and brilliance comes from inside. It is in your heart, in your mind, in every breath you take.  Each of us is an artist, holding the brush and ready to paint our new beginnings and a beautiful life, it is your opportunity to make your life your masterpiece...your own Heart Work.

The Heart Work With Horses℠ philosophy is one of open and effective communication based on mutual respect and the open flow of energy between horse and human. An open heart and an open mind. This connection requires being ever present and open in the moment. We need to understand and respect the horses social and behavioral patterns, we need to understand the language of the herd. This is not “horse whispering”, to me that term trivializes all that this is. it is a beautiful, natural, primal communication and understanding. Once we experience it our lives are forever changed, we learn to connect to that energy, we can take what we learn from the horses and use it in our every day lives. We can learn to be free, more authentic, more present, more alive and creative. We can learn to love more, and live a more joyful life. 

Epona Horsemanship and Holistic Coaching offers:

For Humans

  • Heart Work With Horses℠ Equine Guided Mind-Body Wellness and Holistic Life Coaching
  • Heart Work For Women℠ Equine Guided Learning for Women and Teenage Girls
  • Heart Work For Parents℠ Parenting From The Barn
  • Heart Work Horsemanship℠ for the Horse Owner and Horse Lover
  • Equine Assisted Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Private Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy
  • Opportunities for wellness education including the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program®

For Horses

  • Heart Work For The Healing Horse℠ - Holistic Mind-Body Wellness for the horse and their human

Colleen and Allyson can help you on your path to wellness and better communication with our wonderful team of highly trained, safe and wonderful horses. Contact us at 607-74EPONA (607-743-7442) or by email Our season begins April 1st!