Heart Work With Horses

It’s often said that the horse is a mirror of ourselves, but a horse is so much more than that.


The horse is a sentient being, he thinks, he feels, he acts. He is capable of incredible insight and ancient wisdom, and he can share that with us…if we choose to listen.

In our farm setting, the horses and the lifestyle that goes along with them, provide us opportunities to learn critical life and communication skills, improve non-verbal communication, focus, attention and self-esteem. They help us tap into our abilities to connect our minds and our bodies to improve and make changes for the better. We can learn to be individuals of exceptional character who are able to experience true joy. 

Heart Work With Horses℠ - 

A holistic approach to a more creative, joyful and enriched life

The Heart Work With Horses℠ philosophy is one of open and effective communication based on mutual respect and the open flow of spiritual, intellectual and physiological energy between horse and human. Allyson and I have made it our life's work to use our years of experiences, research and training in Equine Assisted Therapies, Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Mind Body Wellness and Coaching to help individuals tap into the healing power of the horse.  No horse experience in required, just an open heart, an open mind and the wish to be the best you can be. 

The Heart Work With Horses℠ philosophy helps children and adults find their inner power and peace, build self-esteem, battle the effects of depression, improve health and wellness, improve functioning for those with physical and developmental special needs, and treat the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Through our understanding of the horses behavior and herd dynamics, we learn about the horses social and behavioral patterns, which can in turn, teach us about our own behaviors.  This is not “horse whispering”, to us that term trivializes all that this is and the horses vital role in the process. This is a beautiful, natural, primal communication, understanding and movement that people of all ages and abilities can learn and appreciate.  Once we experience it our lives are forever changed, we learn to connect to that energy, we can take what we learn from the horses and use it in our every day lives. We can learn to be free, more authentic, more present, more alive and creative. We can learn to love more, and live a more joyful life.


Epona Horsemanship and Holistic Coaching offers:

For The Human Mind, Body And Spirit

For Humans Who Love Horses

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Borrowed Freedom Equine Assisted Therapies and Activities, Inc. sponsored programming:

  • The Excelsior Unified Equestrian Team
  • The Excelsior Warriors and War Horses Program
  • The Excelsior Thoroughbred Advancement Program

We offer our programming for individuals, school, and community groups. Colleen and Allyson can help you on your path to wellness and better communication with our wonderful team of highly trained, safe and intuitive horses. Contact us at 607-64EPONA (607-643-7442) or by email Our season begins April 1st!