Heart Work With Horses

It’s often said that the horse is a mirror of ourselves, but a horse is so much more than that...

The magnificent horse...more than just an animal, the horse is a sentient being, he thinks, he feels, he acts. He is capable of incredible insight and ancient wisdom, and he can share that with us…if we choose to listen.

In our farm setting, the horses and the lifestyle that goes along with them, provide us opportunities to become exceptional horse people who treat horses humanely, with great compassion, empathy and respect. But we also learn critical life and communication skills, improve non-verbal communication, focus, attention and self-esteem. They help us tap into our abilities to connect our minds and our bodies to improve and make changes for the better. We can learn to be individuals of solid moral character who are able to experience true joy. We offer riding and horsemanship instruction for adults and children of all abilities, therapeutic riding, Hippotherapy, equine assisted learning and equine assisted psychotherapy. We also support women with breast cancer, special needs families, and our Veterans and their families with fee free services. The proceeds of our fee based programs support the Borrowed Freedom EAAT, Inc. scholarship program.

Heart Work With Horses℠

A holistic approach to horsemanship that helps build a more creative, joyful and enriched life

Heart Work With Horses℠ natural horsemanship  helps horse owners improve their connections with their horse, builds rider fitness, and improves balance. In addition to the wonderful benefits riding can bring, it is also incredibly helpful for children and adults while they find their inner power and peace, build self-esteem, battle the effects of depression, improve health and wellness, improve functioning for those with physical and developmental special needs. For our Veterans, it is a proven therapeutic tool to help treat the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Through our understanding of the horses behavior and herd dynamics, we learn about the horses social and behavioral patterns, which can in turn, teach us about our own behaviors.

Who is Epona?

Where does the name "Epona Heart Work With Horses" come from? Epona is a Celtic deity and the protector of horses, donkeys, and mules. She is also known as a goddess of fertility, as she is often portrayed with abundant grain, cornucopia's and in the presence of foals. At the heart of what we do is humane, ethical and protective care of horses, donkeys and mules, and the sharing of our gardens, teaching of organic agriculture and therapeutic horticulture. Birth is also a cherished life event here, as Colleen spent several years as a Holistic Childbirth Educator.  When we were searching for official names to give our beautiful farm, Epona seemed so fitting, there really was no other choice!

About Us...

Since 2008 we have specialized in instruction for children as young as 4, and children and adults with special needs. We also offer comprehensive learning and wellness programs that utilize the biomechanics of human and equine movement to improve function and physical fitness, while enjoying the many wonderful qualities that horses possess.

We are the founders of the Borrowed Freedom Equine Assisted Therapies program, a non-profit that provides scholarships for families with special needs so they can receive equine assisted services at no cost. Borrowed Freedom also provides opportunities for professionals for training, internships, and certification, and supports the rescue, retraining and rehoming of Thoroughbred racehorses.

Colleen is an Equine Specialist and Instructor certified in Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy, Hippotherapy and as a ACE certified Therapeutic Exercise Specialist. She also has numerous certifications in health, wellness, and holistic life coaching. Allyson is an Equine Specialist certified in Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy and has audited and attended several clinics related to Hippotherapy, wellness and health. You can learn more about us, and our own personal Heart Work Journey here